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Ancient Practices by Modern Hands

Chelsey believes in both the power and science behind massage therapy and touch.  She is committed to facilitating your body’s own healing mechanisms.  She strives to work with her clients to create the most effective individualized treatment plans.  She believes in preventative healthcare and that massage therapy is one type of complimentary care practice that can create a healthful, joyful life. 

For clients with currently existing somatic conditions, her goal is to work as a part of your healthcare team.  In this case, she values collaboration and communication with her clients’ other healthcare providers in order to create a unique and balanced treatment plan to alleviate acute or chronic issues. 

Chelsey offers an intuitive approach in her massage sessions coupled with her strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to treat the body as a whole. 

Her practice serves families and individuals desiring to maintain healthful lives and has a special interest in the childbearing cycle. Chelsey is dedicated to providing quality bodywork to all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or marital status, to name a few. It is important to Chelsey to use gender-inclusive language to reflect our diverse population as humans. She is proud to serve the LGBTQ community.