Photo by Jessica Peterson (One Tree Photography) - used with permission

Photo by Jessica Peterson (One Tree Photography) - used with permission

Breast Massage

Breast massage can be integrated into any session.

Breasts tend to receive little attention until there is a problem. Breast massage, like massage anywhere else on the body, may improve circulation and drainage, reduce pain or discomfort, reduce swelling, and reduce congestion. It also may improve and support lactation as well as reduce the chances of mastitis or clogged ducts. In Japan, breast massage is a vital part of postpartum care. It aids in enhancing respiration, allowing deeper, fuller and more satisfying breaths of air. Why not provide our breasts with the same care that we provide the rest of our body?

In addition to the physical benefits, there are many emotional benefits to breast massage. Many people attach negative emotions to their breasts such as guilt, shame, and anger. This could be due to breastfeeding issues, body image, pain, cancer, sex, sexual assault, or gender identification. Intentional and safe therapeutic touch on breast tissue can help reintegrate and connect the physical form with the emotional one in a positive way.

For female-bodied clients, having your breasts included in a massage session can be extremely empowering. Regular breast massage increases breast health awareness and can help create a positive connection.

Massage has been shown to:

  • Reduce pain/soreness (mastalgia)

  • Improve lactation

  • Decrease likelihood of clogged ducts and mastitis

  • Decrease congestion and improve circulation

  • Improve texture (fibrocystic breasts)

  • Reduce adhesions and scar tissue

  • Increase breast health awareness

  • Improve respiration

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