Infant Massage

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Chelsey is an infant massage educator…

Incorporating infant massage in your at-home routines is a beautiful way to promote bonding and attachment, aid in your baby's learning process, and aid in physiological processes (such as digestion!). Chelsey is excited to share massage with you and your family!

Infant massage is learned by parents and caregivers in a five-week consecutive course (one class per week for five weeks). In each class a new part of your baby’s body is addressed, through massage techniques. Each class will focus on learning the new techniques and repeating the techniques learned in previous classes. At the end of the series caregivers will have learned an entire massage sequence that includes legs/feet, stomach, chest, arms/hands, face and back. Between classes, parents and caregivers are encouraged to practice at home with their infants. Other topics that are introduced, discussed, and taught in the course include:

  • Massage conditions - when and how to massage

  • Oil varieties

  • Infant behavioral states

  • Colic/Gas differences and routine for relief of symptoms

  • Touch Relaxation

  • Gentle movements

  • Difference between a physical cry and an emotional cry

  • Discussion on crying and listening

  • Benefits of infant massage for your baby, the caregiver, the family unit, and society

  • Infant reflexes

  • Bonding and Attachment

  • Understanding and responding to your baby’s cues

  • Conversations about teaching consent and body autonomy/gaining permission from your baby

  • Adaptations of the massage as your child grows

  • Songs/rhymes to use during infant massage

Please contact Chelsey directly at to inquire about her next infant massage class series.